Pagesdigital have premiered Darren Sylvester’s For You which has just been added as a bonus track to Darren’s wonderful album Off By Heart. A collaboration with Conrad from Standish/Carlyon and James from Super Melody, the track will be familiar to anyone who has cut shapes on Darren’s dancefloor installation at NGV for Melbourne Now.

  2. Beaches, White Night 22/02/14

  5. Good to see Beaches and Dick Diver in Buzzfeed’s list of top Australian albums for 2013.

    (via The Very Best Australian Albums Of 2013)

  6. Here’s a Perth-era Chapter poster from 1994 - happy new year in 2014!
  7. mrs-bouvier:

    Twerps and Dick Diver, Chapterfest

    Photograph by Jacqueline Hawkeswood.

  8. Not only were the Mess+Noise critics behind up, so were the readers! A whopping seven Chapter Music bands making the list! Dick Diver once again topping the list, with Standish/Carlyon, Beaches, Pikelet, The Ancients, The Stevens and Bushwalking <3

    (via M N Readers Poll 2013 : Mess Noise)

  9. So much Chapter Music on this list. Make up 1/5th of the list in fact! Not bad at all.

    (via M N Critics Poll 2013 : Mess Noise)