1. Chapter executive Guy Blackman also moonlights as one half of ridiculous duo Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project, with Marcus from The Uv Race. They just released their first tape on Al Montfort from Dick Diver’s label Hidiotic. Check it out!

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    Dick Diver, Laneway, January 2014.

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    Dick Diver, Laneway, January 2014.

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  4. Al Montfort: Unofficial Australian Of The Year
    Somehow, despite playing in seven different bands, Melbourne’s Al Montfort failed to secure the title Australian of the Year in 2013. But the fact that a campaign sprung up to nominate him is a telling sign of the man’s famous charisma. TIM SCOTT explores his musical and personal life in depth. (via Al Montfort: Unofficial Australian Of The Year : Mess Noise)


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    New Oz Music: Short Stack, Guy Blackman, Collarbones, more

    Short Stack are back for some reason. Members from Go Violets, Major Leagues and The Good Sports teamed up to form an incredible new band. Chapter Music’s Guy Blackman joined Marcus from UV Race to do kiddiepunk. birchwoodlibrary has yet ANOTHER noise band. Collarbones preview their new EP. Lotta stuff happening this week.


    Pagesdigital have premiered Darren Sylvester’s For You which has just been added as a bonus track to Darren’s wonderful album Off By Heart. A collaboration with Conrad from Standish/Carlyon and James from Super Melody, the track will be familiar to anyone who has cut shapes on Darren’s dancefloor installation at NGV for Melbourne Now.

  7. Beaches, White Night 22/02/14

  10. Good to see Beaches and Dick Diver in Buzzfeed’s list of top Australian albums for 2013.

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